Your Transfer Case is Vital for a Reliable Drivetrain

The transfer case is responsible for the enhanced capabilities of your four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle. It manages the delivery of power between the transmission and the front and rear axles. Your vehicle's computer or your manual operations direct these adjustments. If you hear noises when your vehicle shifts power between your axles, or, worse yet, you're having trouble achieving this function, deteriorated fluid in the transfer case could very likely be the culprit.

Broken down fluid additives in the lubricant clog up the special gearboxes in the transfer case. Friction and heat result from the reduced viscosity and wear and tear will accelerate inside the transfer case.

The factory-certified technicians in our Edinboro service center will inspect your transfer case. We'll look for leaks, remove old lubricant, and add new fluid according to manufacturer's guidelines for your vehicle model. Plan your visit to learn more with us at Champion Ford Edinboro today!

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