Time to Get the Brakes on Your Car Checked

When you press down on your brake pedal, and it goes almost to the floor, we can help you at Champion Ford Edinboro. Spongy feeling brakes or a brake pedal that goes too far means there is a problem with your brakes, and you may not have the ability to stop your car the next time you need to.

Your brake pads will wear out. In general, brake pads last roughly 25,000 miles. This is only a guideline, as brake pads also wear out faster if you stop and start often while driving vs. driving long distances on the highway. If you aren't sure when you got your brakes checked last, head in to our Edinboro, PA to have your brakes inspected. It isn't going to hurt to have your brakes looked at, and it could prevent a disaster in the event your brakes need service.

Don't ignore your brakes and get them inspected today.

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