Experience the Performance Features of the Ford Fiesta

Whether you want a sporty car with a manual transmission or one with smooth automatic shifting, Champion Ford Edinboro has a Ford Fiesta that's right for you in Edinboro, PA. With S, SE, and ST models available, there's something for everyone.

To make it easy to steer at low speeds, the Electric Power-Assisted Steering shifting will adapt to changing conditions and allow you to steer more efficiently. The system is also useful when driving in strong crosswinds or crowned road surfaces. It will help you stay straight and dampen wheel vibrations.

For increased safety, the Ford Fiesta is equipped with AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control. This system will change the engine torque to the wheels when it detects slippage. To ensure that you can stop when you're driving on ice, gravel, or wet roads, the anti-lock brake system will prevent you from skidding out of control.

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