Stay Warm On the Road in the Ford EcoSport's Cabin

When the temperature drops, you can commute to destinations comfortably in a Ford EcoSport. This automobile has a key feature that provides warmth on a cold day or night, and it complements the air conditioning system.

Upon stepping into the cabin, you can increase your temperature by activating a heating mechanism underneath the driver's seat. There is a heater under the passenger's seat as well, and it has the same heat settings. These heaters aren't included with every trim; they're only featured with the SE or higher.

The Ford EcoSport's heated seats are easy to activate, and you can test them at Champion Ford Edinboro. At our dealership, we let consumers hop in Ford cars so that they can use key systems before making an investment. If a system works best on the road, we'll set up a test drive because we care about customer satisfaction. Our crew serves Ford fans in Edinboro, PA and surrounding areas.

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