Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

There’s something awesome about driving a car you like instead of driving a car you hate out of convenience. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is the kind of car that makes you declare love at first sight. Or in this case, first drive. The Hybrid is a gas-electric vehicle that utilizes the power and performance of a triple under-the-hood system: lithium-ion battery, regenerative braking system, and fuel.

Packed with exterior and interior features, one of the defining perks of the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the reverse sensing system. This safety feature alerts you when objects or people are behind your car while you’re in reverse. Another distinctive feature is the keyless entry keypad. You can program code into the keypad, then use it instead of a key to access your vehicle.

Convinced that the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the car for you? Come down to Champion Ford Edinboro in Edinboro, PA to take a Hybrid for a test drive before you make a definitive decision.

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