The Ford Focus ST has Appealing Technology

The sporty Ford Focus ST remains a popular choice among compact car owners. In addition to being visually attractive, the vehicle is fun to drive and offers impressive fuel economy. But, the Focus ST also features a number of technological options. The new models are available for viewing and test driving at our Edinboro, PA Champion Ford Edinboro location.

The technology begins on the exterior with the keyless entry, electronic door locks and powered side-view mirrors. The continual pressure monitoring technology ensures the tires are always properly inflated by alerting drivers when corrections are needed.

Backing up and parking are made easier thanks to the camera and sensor technology that monitors the distance of obstacles to the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. In this way, drivers are guided when to turn the wheel and apply the brakes. Stay cozy during the winter months by opting for the heated seats and steering wheel.

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