Control With the Wheel System of the Ford Escape

The amount of control you have over your vehicle on the road depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors involve the type of driving system your vehicle has. It also depends on the features that come along with it. The 2019 Ford Escape at Champion Ford Edinboro has all of the features needed.

Every 16 milliseconds, the conditions of the road and the traction of the Ford Escape are looked at closely and adjusted thanks to the intelligent 4WD system. As the road conditions and traction changes, torque is adjusted and sent to the right areas to keep the vehicle under control.

One of the areas that the Ford Escape gets a lot of help is in the curves. With Curve Control and Torque Vectoring control, your speed will be monitored and adjusted when you are getting into a curve. Also, the wheels that have the most grip in a turn are going to get the torque transferred to it.

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