2020 Ford F-150 Capability Features Overview

You have a job that requires you to have a reliable work truck. It’s important that it comes with some heavy-duty capabilities in order for you to do your job. Ford has a very popular full-sized truck known as the F-150. When you come visit us at Champion Ford Edinboro, you can choose which one you want.

There are two capability features you would definitely need for your work truck that the F-150 has. You need the In-Cab Storage and the Towing Assist. With the In-Cab storage, you can have plenty of room to put your work equipment on the flat load floor. The Towing Assist helps you to keep your trailer in a safe position with monitoring while you drive.

Come and check out the Ford F-150 by doing a test drive. Your truck is waiting for you. After all, the loads you have are not going to haul themselves.

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