The Ford Edge Has Technologies That Boost Safety

When you drive a Ford Edge, its technologies will boost your awareness. These systems are powered by driving-assist technologies, and they activate automatically during certain situations on the road.

When compared to all of the vehicles in its class, the Edge has the most assist technologies. As the Edge maneuvers along a road, various sensors and cameras in different locations activate. These components strategically scope the environment in order to provide alerts whenever other automobiles are traveling too close to the Edge. For parking situations, the Edge uses ultrasonic sensors to glide a driver into a lane safely. This technology is designed for perpendicular and parallel parking areas.

Ford technologies are practical, efficient, and reliable, and they provide great perks on the road. The easiest way to examine the Edge's technologies is by testing them during a short cruise at Champion Ford Edinboro. We proudly serve consumers in many communities in Edinboro, PA.

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