Key Features In The Ford Flex

The Ford Flex is a vehicle that is set apart from similar vehicles on the road. It offers numerous comfort features as well as convenience that you desire while driving in Edinboro, PA.

Seats in the Flex can be positioned in multiple ways to allow for the maximum amount of cargo space while still having enough room for your passengers. Champion Ford Edinboro can show you how to arrange the seats before you leave the lot. There are at least 10 cupholders in the vehicle for when you and your passengers want to keep beverages with you while on the road.

Heated mirrors are beneficial for cold mornings as they make it easier to get the ice off the surface. The Power Liftgate features a sensor that allows you to open the door with your foot while holding items in your hand. Push-Button start is a feature that allows for pressing a button to start the vehicle instead of a key.

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