The Ford Mustang Does More Than Catch the Eye

The Ford Mustang is a very fast car. Some of the top car gurus in the world consider it to be the best sports car on the planet. In addition to speed, the Ford Mustang is known for its design features, too.

One of the main design features in the new Ford Mustang is the front seats. The front seats are modeled specifically from race cars. These seats are made to keep the driver and passenger comfortable even while reaching high speeds. These seats are coupled with a 12" screen, which displays everything from the driver's phone to minute-by-minute weather changes. The screen is controlled by the driver's voice and the steering wheel. This allows the driver to spend more time looking at the road.

The 20" aluminum wheels are also a great asset to this vehicle. The wheels are made from Michelin, and these wheels are made specifically for this vehicle only.

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